I think it’s Artpop. But crayon pop is opening for her tonight. They are just a tad too perky for my taste.

I think it’s Artpop. But crayon pop is opening for her tonight. They are just a tad too perky for my taste.

Who is Crayon Pop?!

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1. If you had to live out the rest of your life on an uninhabited island what three other people would you want with you?

Tbh, I think I would rather be alone than with people ‘cause people sometimes get on my nerves. But I guess I always have the option of going off on my own if I need to. I guess I would have my pseudo-brother, my bff from middle school and the other from high school. I get along with them fairly well and it should be entertaining. 

2. Would you ever go sky diving? Why or why not?

My friends went sky diving a couple years back and I decided not to go. At the moment, I think I would have an anxiety attack right  before jumping out of the plane and would probably not enjoy the experience. Maybe sometime in the future…maybe.

3. Do you tend to surround yourself with people who are more like you or people who more different than you?

I tend to hangout with people that are a bit more like be but I do have friends that are on the complete opposite spectrum of the personality scale. They keep things interesting. Sometimes hanging out with people that are too similar to yourself can be boring, you know?

4. I’m really hungry right now. So if you were going to cook a meal for me, what would it be? Please, describe the food in great detail. And then actually cook it and bring it to me. Kthx

I’m more of a baker, but I guess I can make you something. I really like to make this salad with candied pecans, strawberries or cranberries, Gorgonzola, maybe chicken (but don’t ask me to cook it cause I overcook chicken every time) and balsamic vinaigrette. And that can be paired with a prosciutto and brie sandwich on grilled brioche. I really like cheese so everything must have cheese.  If that doesn’t work, cereal it is!

5. What is a subject that you’re curious about but have never taken the time to look into and learn about?

I’ve always been curious about interior design but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. Fabric swatches and types of wood? 

6. Do you think that the line between love and hate is really as thin as some would suggest?

I think it depends on an individual but from personal experience, yes.

7. What do you think a positive role model is and isn’t?

I think it just depends on the person, but I feel a positive role model is someone that makes you want to be a better person. That provides you with inspiration and determination to accomplish something that you already haven’t. A role model is definitely not a negative influence in your life. And a role model doesn’t have to be someone famous, such a as a celebrity or athlete,I feel people tend to forget that. 

8. Favorite pair of shoes? (you should probably post a photo, for science….)

My Rainbows. I’ve had those shoes for seven years and they have been to hell and back. The poor things are ready for the trash (just kidding, I can’t toss them), hence why I will not post a picture of them. 

9. What is one intrinsic thing about you, that you feel people don’t see or understand?

I’m not really sure but I’m pretty quiet most of the time. I like to sit back and take everything in. Just observe what people are up. People watching is the best thing.

10. If you could re-experience one moment in your life, what would it be?

I guess I would want to meet my grandmother again. I only met her once when I was two and I have no recollection of that moment. So it would be nice to remember that now since she was the only grandparent I ever met. 

-Well Kathryn, you got us home.-Right place, wrong time.

A Painfully 90’s J/C Fanmix -
Heaven Tonight - HolePerfect - The Smashing PumpkinsFade Into You - Mazzy StarEverlong (acoustic version) - Foo FightersHere With Me - DidoDreams - The CranberriesKiss Me - Sixpence None the RicherTruly Madly Deeply - Savage GardenIris - The Goo Goo DollsAll For You - Sister Hazel

-Well Kathryn, you got us home.
-Right place, wrong time.

A Painfully 90’s J/C Fanmix -

Heaven Tonight - Hole
Perfect - The Smashing Pumpkins
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
Everlong (acoustic version) - Foo Fighters
Here With Me - Dido
Dreams - The Cranberries
Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer
Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
All For You - Sister Hazel


Happy Birthday intrepidclass!!!

(I apologize. There was absolutely no logic behind this.)


Actors Uzo Aduba and Kate Mulgrew accept the award for ‘Outstanding New Program’ for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ onstage during the 30th Annual Television Critics Association Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 19, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Orange is the New Black winner of Outstanding New Program at the TCA Awards [x]

Orange is the New Black winner of Outstanding New Program at the TCA Awards [x]


Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 


I feel like there’s a gold mine in writing a hundred different snarky ways Tuvok tells Chakotay and Janeway to stop flirting in serious situations.

"Captain, may I remind you, this is first contact, not second base."

"Captain, like the present warpcore leak, I hope you can contain yourself"

"Commander, the only thing that needs to go off right now is these photon torpedoes."